Makelight Makers

Makelight is the collaboration of Shelly Sennikoff, Joseph Richard Negro and our two cats Noche and Cholla.

Shelly Sennikoff

A self-taught photographer, Shelly discovered an interest in the subject at an early age, taking snapshots on family vacations. The most memorable was one up the coast of California, where she plowed through rolls of film on her 110 camera during a tour of Hearst Castle. That interest turned into a passion when she took her first photography class in high school. She's been shooting ever since, portraying her particular view of the world.

She has also recently discovered a fascination for woodworking. She enjoys spending her weekends in the workshop, developing new ideas about how to merge this new love with her love of photography. It was here that the light boxes on this site were created.

A Southern California native, she currently lingers in Lakewood. She has a Master's degree in Decision Science and works as a budget analyst at a local non-profit to support her habits of travel, photography, and making light.

Joseph Richard Negro

Son of a Graphic Designer and Photographer, Joseph has been shooting, designing, and programing for over 40 years. In that time his professional entanglements have included; Voyager, Criterion Collection, Filmforum, UCI, O.R.E., Sympathy for the Record Industry, SST, Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles, Nestle, Wells Fargo, Epson, Staples, and Northgate Markets.

Sasha - Mascot

Pampered. Overweight. Mascot. Sasha adopted Shelly in 1996 while living in Pasadena. Big-boned by nature, Sasha started putting on the real weight after moving in with Shelly, a testament to the old adage, "all food and no work make Sasha a fat cat." Surviving numerous roommates, address changes, and everything didn't phase Sasha. She was cool with it as long as her food bowl was full. She provided Shelly with unconditional love up until July of 2012 when she died peacefully at home at the ripe old age of 19. She was loved by many.


New. Bored. Hungry. Noche is Shelly's Cat 2.0, a chatty, and agile black Burmese mash-up. She's already developed a heavy catnip habit, has tried batting photos off our walls, and can't distinguish "NO" from her own name.


Cholla (Choy-ya) is Shelly's Cat 2.1, a prickly fussy little black runt. She is named after the Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus due to her winning personality. Originally acquired to keep Noche company, who often cried, she turned into an additional problem.